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Brittany: Sweet CreamsIt's a wonderful feeling waking up on Saturday morning thinking to yourself, "Wow, I've got the day wide open!" A couple of Saturday's ago, I woke up with that exact feeling. My immediate thought was to fill my day up with shopping! Promising my eleven-year-old sister, a stop for dessert if she came along, we spent the Saturday afternoon shopping in the Pocono Mountains. First stop was the sweetest place in Stroudsburg, Sweet Creams Café!

Automatically, whenever I'm craving an ice cream sundae I think of Sweet Creams! With 15 homemade flavors of ice cream and assorted baked goods, it's a dessert lover's haven.  Oh yea, and they also have a scrumptious lunch menu which includes gourmet sandwiches, appetizers, salads and homemade soups. While the food was tempting, my sister and I were on a mission for a quick energy boost for the power shopping we were about to embark upon. Our answer...  two specialty sundaes!

In an effort to cut back a little, I opted against adding a warm brownie to the bottom of my classic hot fudge sundae. Bad idea considering my sister wasn't too happy when I kept sneaking bites of her brownie.

Atmosphere: Quaint, cozy downtown café, eclectic

Food: My favorite ice cream parlor! It always hits the spot. Absolutely delectable.

Service: The sweetest!

Although it was only my sister's first time at Sweet Creams she strongly declared, as we were licking our bowls clean, "This is definitely my favorite restaurant!" She must get her food expertise from me. Dine with me next week in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: September 22, 2011 9:10 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany: Broadway GrilleSpectacular fall foliage views, rugged mountain biking terrain, scenic hiking trails overlooking beautiful vistas and waterfalls, exhilarating river adventures, unique and charming shopping, rich, mysterious history, picturesque architecture and my favorite...fabulous dining! Any clue as to which charming town I'm describing? Yup, you got it! Why it's none other than "little Switzerland", Jim Thorpe in the Pocono Mountains! Monday's staff meeting brought us to downtown Jim Thorpe, followed by lunch at the Broadway Grille and Pub!

Because the region spans 2,400 miles, I definitely don't get around as often as I would like, but Jim Thorpe is definitely one place you don't want to miss! Nestled along the bank of the Lehigh River, Jim Thorpe offers up something for everyone, one of my favorites being the dining experience!

Newly renovated, the Broadway Grille and Pub combines the charm of Jim Thorpe, with hip ambience. Centrally located right on Broadway, and attached to the historic Inn at Jim Thorpe, you can't miss it! The Broadway has even been recognized in a recent airing of Foodies on NBC Philadelphia! Pretty impressive!

Although my co-workers and I were only able to stop in at the Broadway for a quick bite which included a buffet of wraps and pasta salad, we were more than pleased with our lunch spread! Most of the staff returned to the line, including myself, to fill up on the delicious lunch before our historical tour with the Jim Thorpe Experience.

Known for their burgers, you can guarantee I'll be returning! Another enticing feature is their daily specials! Every day, breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Broadway offers up a special house feature including Monday's Yuengs and Wings, Thursday's All You Can Eat Past Night and more!

Broadway Grille & Pub

Atmosphere: Cool, hip downtown feel, comfortable and newly renovated

Food:  Many classic options including their mouth watering fire-grilled burgers served on a grilled Kaiser roll! Delectable...Not to mention, very reasonably priced!

Service:  Extremely friendly, along with everyone who works in Jim Thorpe!

Once you've worked up an appetite from the endless outdoor adventure in Jim Thorpe, stop by the Foodie favorite, the Broadway Grille and Pub! Dine with me next week in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: September 15, 2011 1:26 PM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Autumn is just around the corner, and here in the Pocono Mountains, we're already starting to get a glimpse of the magnificent fall foliage! Since you must see it for yourself, how about a fall break? If you do make it to the region during this fabulous time of year, the Inn at Pocono Manor welcomes you to stay, and of!

I had my taste of Pocono Manor this summer at their traditional restaurant, The Exchange. In 1902, when the historical Inn first opened, The Exchange was a space available for guests to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. I did a lot of sharing over dinner at The Exchange with the lovely PR Department, as well as a lot of munching!

Sipping on Chardonnay and chatting in our circular booth, we were eager to order. The Exchange menu changes periodically, providing a wide range of different options throughout the year. On our visit, crab cakes and the jumbo shrimp appetizers caught our eye! For our dinner options, we kept with the seafood theme! Our picks included the Seafood Medley, Shrimp and Chicken Scampi and the Grilled Ahi Tuna. My shrimp scampi was rich with garlic, spice and lemon flavor, and filling to say the least; I was able to bring it for lunch the next day! Depending on when you visit, you may find the Chef's Pasta Sauté, the Woodland Duck, Pork Osso Bucco and the Filet Gorgonzola, as menu options!

Our waiter kindly allowed us all the time we needed to socialize over our day's work! Before we knew it, we had been there for almost two and a half hours! It really is the place to sit back and "exchange" with one another!

The Exchange

Atmosphere: Traditional dining experience, perfect for catching up with family and friends over dinner.

Food: The menu had several traditional and unique dining options. All entrées were served in large portions! Come with an appetite.

Service:  Our server was very attentive and allowed us as much time as needed!

Hope to see you this fall to dine in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: September 9, 2011 10:54 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany: Tap RoomRecently, I've been all about the dessert menu. Really, who can blame me? I usually attempt to stay away from the sweets, but it's always a shame when my entrée uses my full appetite. While on a recent photo shoot, seeking some beauty shots of Skytop Lodge, in the Pocono Mountains, I was dining in class at the Tap Room, offering some exquisite pub fare and desserts to boot!

The Tap Room is one of dining amenities offered at the lodge during your stay. With a seemingly endless beverage list, including a 60-bottle international beer selection, they've got you covered! The entrée menu had several elegant options, including my selection, the swordfish! Covered in pineapple and grilled to perfection, I savored and finished every bite.

While my swordfish had been satisfying, I still had room for some goodies! Front and center in my photo, my ooey-gooey, chocolate chip pie was the favorite amongst me and my dinner dates! The warm cookie dough center melted in my mouth. I literally closed my eyes in awe after each bite. Sadly, all desserts must come to an end!

The Tap Room

Atmosphere:  Classy pub-like dining, with windows to view the pristine Skytop Lodge property.

Food: Each entrée had an elegant presentation. I could tell the food was crafted precisely, with attention to every detail.

Service: Each staffer was dressed in tuxedo-like attire, giving the impression of quality service. They lived up to their reputation!

I was in the clouds, at Skytop Lodge, relishing in every bite of my dessert and entree at the Tap Room. Don't be afraid to treat yourself every once in a while! Let's make a date next week in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: September 1, 2011 11:16 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany: Bar LouisVenturing north to Pike County, in the Pocono Mountains, for a summer B-roll shoot, the team and I had the privilege of stopping at Bar Louis at the Hotel Fauchere, in Milford, for some elegant eats!

Chic and stylish, Bar Louis, is an ideal pick for casual dining. After a busy morning, shooting in the heat, it was time to unwind! I'm always willing to try new foods, but was a little taken aback by our starter, the sushi pizza. I quickly changed my feelings for sushi after the first bite! Fresh ahi tuna, sushi rice tempura & tobikko caviar came together for a unique taste unlike any other!

Sticking to the safer side with my lunch choice, the turkey burger, I was equally as impressed! Adding on the spicy fried onions, I gorged into the giant burger.  Everyone in my group seemed just as satisfied, as the table fell silent while we enjoyed our lunches! Other choices included the House Confit Tuna Melt, the Crispy Soft Shell Crab and the Pork Pâté Sandwich.

And the best is always saved for last! Reluctantly taking a dessert menu, and holding my stomach in pain from eating so much, I couldn't imagine one more bite. When our host, Patricia O'Connor, insisted we order the Chocolate Pot de Crème, I figured she knew best! As pictured, the dessert was every chocolate-lover's dream come true. The mouse-like texture had me savoring every spoonful. I couldn't help myself!

Bar Louis

Atmosphere: Modern motif! A John Lennon photograph hanging in the bar adds a contemporary touch. The staff was very inviting!

Food: I was so satisfied from lunch, I could hardly eat dinner, but no one can leave without trying the Chocolate Pot de Crème!

Service: Patricia O'Connor and the staff were eager to accommodate our every request!

"Louie, Louie.. Oh baby, Me Gotta Go!"... And so do you!

posted on: August 26, 2011 10:25 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

I am proud to announce that from now on I will be blogging to you as the new Social Media Coordinator of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau! It's official, I will be dining in the Pocono Mountains indefinitely...Fine by me!

Sorry I missed dining with you last week, I'm sure you were able to make a wise choice on your dining decision! In my new position, I've been busy assisting the public relations department on various projects. Last week was the NBC 10! show, A Gorgeous Getaway, featuring the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort! While filming, I was happy to find the schedule included lunch at the Gem and Keystone Brew Pub!

Located next to Shawnee, the Gem and Keystone offers the best in locally grown food with an on-site brewery. Their tagline, "Beer from here, food from near," sums it up perfectly! The Gem's large menu includes a variety of entrees including a beer braised pulled pork sandwich, a jumbo lump crab cake sandwich, and vegetarian chili all made with the freshest of ingredients from their private farm, local produce, all natural meats, PA farmstead cheeses and sustainable seafood. In an effort to capture the diverse menu selections, the chef prepared us eight different entrees to sample. It was my kind of dining experience, one where I didn't have to choose only one dish!

And don't forget about the brews! The Gem is home to ShawneeCraft artisanal beers! They have a variety of original brews, my favorite being the American Blonde Ale! I believe a bit more time may be needed, while I'm not on the job, to fully appreciate the many handcrafted beer options.

The Gem and Keystone Brew Pub

Atmosphere: A twist on your average brew pub- cozy, modern and stylish! Each interior decoration or piece of furniture looked to be handcrafted!

Food: You'll want to savor every bite! The Gem has said their approach is "Food Lovers Dining"! Makes sense...I love food and I love dining at the Gem!

Service: Well like I said, with the opportunity to sample eight different entrees, there's no complaining about the service. Every staff member was eager to accommodate our party!

Check out the link to A Gorgeous Getaway and you'll see just what I'm talking about! You can even catch me taking in a huge bite of my strawberry goat cheese salad! Dine with me next week in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: August 4, 2011 10:57 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

In my short time here at the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, I have, in many situations, relied on Gillian Moore, PR Personality, for my dining suggestions. When in doubt, I can always look to Gillian for advice on my ordering options.

Today, unfortunately, is Gillian's last day at the bureau, and in addition to her fabulous foodie expertise, I have learned a great deal of knowledge from her. Why it was only a little over a year and a half ago, when I nervously made my way to the front of a Penn State classroom to speak with Gillian, after she had given a presentation to the Penn State chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America....and the rest is history! I've learned so much about the Pocono Mountains, the public relations field and overall professionalism in the time I've worked with her, and I am positive everyone at the bureau agrees that she will be missed dearly.

But enough of the sad talk, as we sincerely wish Gillian well in all her future endeavors! Before she left, I got the chance to sit down with her, to talk about her favorite places to eat in the Pocono Mountains. Believe me, she knows her stuff!

What is your favorite food, and where can our interested blog readers find it prepared the best in the Pocono Mountains? There are so many great options in the Pocono Mountains, I can't just choose one. Some highlights include Tree at The Lodge at Woodloch, Hotel Fauchere, The French Manor Inn and Spa, Woodfield Manor Chophouse and red's Steakhouse at Mount Airy Casino Resort.

Where in the Pocono Mountains can we find your favorite dinner entrée? My favorite dinner entrée would have to be found at red's Steakhouse. I am obsessed with Hollandaise sauce, so their filet mignon Oscar style is the perfect treat for me. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Saturday evening, red's is one of my favorite restaurants to celebrate special occasions.

Based on overall atmosphere, where is your favorite place to eat? Overall atmosphere, I'd have to choose The French Manor Inn and Spa. Their restaurant serves amazing French cuisine and whether dining inside or outside, you feel like you're in a French chateau.

When you come back to visit, where will we be headed for drinks? When I come back to the Pocono Mountains, one of my first stops will be Liquid Martini Bar. I love their ambiance and they are conveniently located right across from the Bureau's office. Whether in the mood for beer, wine or martini, they make one heck of a drink.

Here at the bureau, we all know Gillian's favorite course is dessert! Do you have a favorite dessert in the Pocono Mountains? It's true! I will not touch a quarter of my meal, but I still always have to have dessert. I've had some phenomenal desserts over my time here, but my favorite has to be the chocolate soufflé at The French Manor Inn and Spa. It melts in your mouth, literally!!!

On any given Bacon Wednesday, where have you found your favorite bacon-themed lunch? I am definitely going to miss Bacon Wednesday! Outside of Friday, it was definitely my favorite day of the week. If I had to pick one bacon item, it would have to be the SIT Grilled Chicken Club on multigrain from Stroudsmoor Inn Towne. Coupled with a cup of chicken corn chowder and a piece of their amazing cheesecake, you're on cloud nine. Stroudsmoor Inn Towne is hands down one of my favorite lunch places.

Any last remarks or dining suggestions you'd like to share? I live to eat and the Pocono Mountains are a great place to treat yourself to some culinary delights!!!

posted on: July 21, 2011 9:36 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany: RoadiesUpon starting here at the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, I was quickly introduced to what the PR department calls, Bacon Wednesdays. To my understanding, the tradition began when the ladies decided they were in need of a mid-week treat and determined they both enjoyed bacon. From that moment on the girls would indulge in a bacon-themed lunch every Wednesday. I too am a fan of this cured meat and therefore, quickly adopted the ritual. I think most of us can agree that when bacon is included in breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's just better!

Yesterday was no exception to Bacon Wednesdays as Director of Public Relations, Alicia Quinn, and I took to Carbon County with a photographer to capture the lush, summer landscape. Atop, Penn's Peak, a concert venue in the Pocono Mountains featuring well-known performances, we stopped for a bite to eat at Roadies Restaurant & Bar, after photographing the breathtaking scenery. While touring the venue, including the kitchen of Roadies, we were quickly reminded of what day it was when we witnessed bacon immersed into soup.

Narrowing our choices down to only items which included bacon, we were just about to make our selections when the waiter ran back to our table to announce a special he had forgotten, the Chicken BLT Wrap. YES PLEASE! It was as if they had created it especially for our weekly holiday.

Before our food arrived we were offered a complimentary basket of potato chips to hold our appetites. You may find it silly to rave over chips, but we could not stop eating them! I never got a chance to ask, but I am sure there was a special salty, zesty ingredient sprinkled over the chips! They are a must-try!

Our wraps arrived and I could barely sit still enough to take this photo before digging in. Bacon Wednesday was a success! We indulged in our guilty pleasure all wrapped together with chicken, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayonnaise.


Atmosphere:­ Rock n' Roll motif overlooking the valley. Outside seating is also available to sit on the deck with a view of the horizon nearly 60 miles in distance.

Food: Delicious for us bacon lovers! The complimentary chips were the best I've had!

Service: Like I said, we were very impressed with the service especially after hearing about the many specials! They even allowed us to switch the mayonnaise to chipotle mayo!

Roadies was a perfect stop along our photo shoot! I suspect the next time I'll be there is for the Trace Atkins concert in August! Dine with me next week in the Pocono Mountains!

posted on: July 7, 2011 9:36 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany- GreshamsWhile Stroudsburg has been rather convenient for my dining experiences in the Pocono Mountains, it was time to eat outside of my county lines. Although I've engaged in a wide variety of outdoor thrills, I had yet to visit Lake Wallenpaupack. It really goes to show how much there is to do in the Pocono Mountains. I, myself, have yet to experience it all!

After relaxing at the Roots and Rhythm Festival in Honesdale, we headed over to the other side of the Lake Region for my first visit. Driving along the shoreline, I was amazed! It was near sunset on the lake, as couples strolled and lounged on benches to await the breathtaking scenery. Although food was our mission at the time, I would have loved to sit on the bank and watch the sun gleaming on the lake. Luckily, Gresham's Chop House allowed us to witness the majesty of the lake while dining!

Like I've said before, as a recent graduate I have rather limited funds. However, while glancing over the delicious menu consisting of steaks, Italian dishes, seafood and plenty more, I was happily surprised to find a "Lite Fare" section. I selected the Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich for under $10!

In less than 15 minutes from ordering, our party of four had already been served and it was evident that my sandwich was made with the utmost quality and freshness. The chicken was tenderly grilled to perfection and marinated with a house dressing. Pesto mayonnaise covered the Ciabatta roll piled high with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mouthwatering, fresh mozzarella.  My uncle, who had also ordered the sandwich, looked at me in agreement; we were spot on with our dinner choices!

Following dinner, I couldn't leave without a photo overlooking the lake from Gresham's outdoor deck, where seating is also available. If you're out on the water and are looking for a bite to eat at Gresham's, ‘Dock and Dine' is also available, for an even closer lakeside dining experience.

Gresham's Chop House

Atmosphere: Exciting! Dining across from the shoreline of Lake Wallenpaupack is unlike most other dining in the Pocono Mountains.

Food: Scrumptious, quality, fresh. My lite fare dinner option was heavy in deliciousness!

Service: Probably the fastest I've ever received my food, especially for a Saturday night! The staff continued to check on us frequently throughout our dinner.

It was beautiful scenery for dining in the Pocono Mountains. I look forward to this summer, when I have a chance to take to the water adventures on Lake Wallenpaupack.

posted on: June 23, 2011 10:05 AM
by: Brittany Berger

The Berger’s Burger

Brittany: FloodsAs the self-proclaimed Berger Queen of the Pocono Mountains, I felt the urge to return to the old standby, the cheese burger, for this week's dining experience. Venturing into downtown Stroudsburg, for the 3rd Annual Pocono Raceway Festival, I stopped into Floods on Main Street and stumbled upon a hidden treasure.

Having only visited Floods for their pleasurable nightlife atmosphere, I was surprised to have heard their food was also delicious. My uncle insisted I try the "Stroudsburger" for my first visit to Floods. Despite this less than attractive photo of me, it truly depicts the all around goodness of the "Stroudsburger." Oozing Swiss cheese, sweet peppers and fried onions all topped on an inch thick beef patty, was much more than I had expected. Luckily, I managed!

After nearly a half hour's time to devour the burger, I decided that would be the only thing I needed to eat for the day! Washing the burger down with a cold beverage I felt more than satisfied.


Atmosphere: Pub-like dining experience relaxed and care-free. Finishing my whole burger was only a part of the dining experience, no need to feel bad!

Food:  Burger heaven! The" Stroudsburger" truly lived up to its name. I will be attempting to try the entire burger menu.  

Service: Quick service! It took much longer for me to finish the burger than to make! Our waitress was very attentive, noticing as soon as we took the last sip of each drink and were ready for another.

Attention burger lovers, be sure to satisfy your temptations at Floods!

posted on: June 16, 2011 9:04 AM
by: Brittany Berger